Professional services

Threat Patrols can provide professional services for customers seeking review of their cybersecurity posture with practical recommendations for improvement; and simulated threat staff training exercises.

  Rapid Security Review

Threat Patrols rapid review report sample

Threat Patrols founders have 20+ years knowledge, experience and know-how in conducting rapid cybersecurity reviews to help organizations quickly understand their cybersecurity posture.

What you can expect
  • 10 day engagement; usually spread across 3 weeks with final report delivery inside 30 days of agreed start
  • Real consultants; actively engaged in cybersecurity engineering with practical real-world experience
  • Capacity to address client audiences ranging executive-level managers through fundamental technology-level engineers
  • Practical recommendations to match the business and budgets; we view high cost budget breaking "solutions" as no solution at all.
  • Vendor neutral; we have knowledge and experience with a very wide range of technology stacks, techniques and solutions
  • Keen awareness of open-source tools and non-vendor approaches
  • 2x reports; Report of Findings & Observations and Report of Recommendations

  Phish Simulation

Montage of login screens

Threat Patrols can provide phish simulation threat training exercises for your organization. Phish simulation allows you to identify which staff require education and training to improve their cybersecurity effectiveness.

What you can expect
  • Simulated phish messages delivered to your staff users
  • Report of staff-members that interacted with phish-messages
  • Report of staff-members that had their credentials compromised