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Threat Patrols develops and operates systems that provide persistent cyber threat management capacity for Business Owners, Technology Teams and Security Teams.

Our background

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Threat Patrols founders have backgrounds in managing large-scale (50M+ users) online organizations and understand the complexities in managing cyber-risk and responding to cyber-threat at serious scale.

Threat Patrols was borne out of frustration in sourcing cyber-threat management providers with capacity to deliver more than plain-old threat-perimeter scanning; and then getting those providers to operate their products in a continuous manner with alerts for threat-landscape change.

We are engineers and have a serious passion for Dev/Sec Ops automation, and we build our products with a view to them being used in automation workflows. We enjoy hearing from customers and users with product-requirements that lead to new automation flows too.

We care a lot about open-source security projects and invest real time and resources into publishing and contributing to open-source projects, check out our Github.

Our people

Dedicated to awesome cyber-security tools and cyber-threat management

Profile photo Nicholas de Jong

Nicholas de Jong    

Founder; Cybersecurity Engineering and Leadership

Cybersecurity Engineering, Leadership and Management with ~20 years experience. Extensive experience establishing, building and operating companies in Information Security, Financial Services and Online Marketplaces in Sydney, New York, San Francisco and Manila.

Senior roles in technology based organizations with head-of cybersecurity responsibility and consulting roles ranging deep technical hands-on through high-level assessment and management functions. Experienced in industries spanning; Large scale online marketplaces (50M+ users); Licensed money escrow ($1Bn annual); Network security hardware design and manufacture; Anti-malware software-development and related signature-distribution; Computational finance; Mining and resources; and Online gaming industries.

Active in security-engineering development projects; extensive technical knowledge ranging security fundamentals and protocols; modern security engineering and operations (SecDevOps); network engineering; software development and deployment; and infrastructure operations (DevOps);

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